Character Biographies

The Lady Orangecloak
From: The island ruins of Phaleayna, the Southlands of Illiastra.
The enigmatic Lady Orangecloak is the Field Commander of the group known as the Thieves, a clandestine group of activists in open opposition to the Illiastran government. Despite her growing presence as a public figure, there is little known about her. Orangecloak and the Thieves are based in the Southlands, the name given to the entire swath of land south of the Varras River. As such, that is what she calls home. Orangecloak’s brand of activism revolves around her charismatic and daring public protests in the towns and cities found across Illiastra. It is these displays, in which she both rallies the populace and speaks critically of the government, which have made Orangecloak and her band of misfits into wanted outlaws.

Tryst Reine, Master of Blades
From: Berris, the Midlands Republic of Gildriad
Often described by admirers and detractors alike as “A man of great skill”, Tryst Reine is a mercenary swordsman employed by the Lord Master of Illiastra as a bodyguard. He was educated as a swordsman at a prestigious institution known as the University of the Combative Arts, in the land of Drake. His prowess as a fighter earned him the distinguished rank of Master of Blades, a title achieved by only four others in the thousand year history of the university. On account of gruesome tales spread by the Lord Master himself, the people of Illiastra generally see Tryst as a fearsome, ruthless force to be reckoned with.

Miss Marigold Tullivan, heir apparent of Daol Bay
From: Daol Bay, Illiastra
Intelligent and passionate, Marigold Tullivan is a woman fighting for relevancy amongst a patriarchal empire. Born as the second daughter of Marscal Tullivan, Warden Lord of the West and Minister of Daol Bay, Marigold seemed destined for a life of opulence as a prized wife. When her elder sister Serephanie fled to avoid her own fate, Marigold became the heir apparent to Daol Bay and sets plans into motion so that she might one day claim that title in more than name.

Ellarie Dollen, First Lieutenant to Lady Orangecloak of the Thieves
From: Atrebell, Illiastra
When asked why she sought to become a member of the Thieves, Ellarie answered: “I ran from my past so that I might find a future that I, my sister, Joyce and many others are denied today.” Regarded as equal parts cunning and dangerous by her peers, Ellarie Dollen is a respected leader within the Thieves. She is a capable swordswoman, an agile thief and loyal to a fault. As First Lieutenant, she is always found at the forefront of the Thieves operations in the field along with her sister Merion, and Merion’s lover Joyce. The tight cohesion with which the three usually work has led to them being given the name the Three Sisters by both supporters and the EMP alike. Together the three work diligently to help bring Lady Orangecloak’s vision of a new Illiastra to fruition.

Lazlo Arbor, Lieutenant to Lady Orangecloak of the Thieves
From: The island ruins of Phaleayna, the Southlands of Illiastra
Lazlo is a long-time friend of both Lady Orangecloak and the Three Sisters. He is known as the Pretty Man or Pretty Lazlo on account of his effeminately handsome features and long, golden hair. Alongside Orangecloak and the Sisters, Lazlo enlisted with the Thieves when he was of age and glided through field training with remarkable ease. Despite a carefree nature, Lazlo is a fierce warrior known for being solid under pressure and thorough in his duties. When Orangecloak was elected Field Commander of the Thieves, Lazlo was a clear choice to be one of her lieutenants and he treats his role with the respect it deserves.

Grenjin Howland, Lord Master of Illiastra
From: Atrebell, Illiastra
Born the eldest son of the eldest son of the founder of the Elite Merchant Party, there was never a doubt that Grenjin Howland would one day become Lord Master of Illiastra. Upon ascending to the role at the age of thirty-two, Grenjin began a reign of power that has lasted thus far for forty-two years. He married only once at the age of fifty-one to a woman over twenty years younger. She was taken from him tragically before she could give him any children and following with his strict adherence to the Triarchy faith, he has refused to remarry. In the absence of any offspring to serve as heir, the Lord Master decided to do what he felt was best for the EMP and Illiastra as a whole. A marriage pact was drawn between the houses of Palomb and Tullivan, Warden Lords of the East and West respectively to unify the three most powerful families in Illiastra. The pact named the eldest son and daughter of either house to be the new co-heirs to the Howland dynasty and effectively, the Lord Mastership of Illiastra.

The Palomb Twins
From: Hercalest, Illiastra
Eldridge and Pyore are the seventeen year old fraternal twin sons of Eamon Palomb, Warden Lord of the East. The eldest of four children, the Palomb twins have been groomed from an early age to succeed both their father and the Lord Master of Illiastra. It is said that the twins have a cruel streak and Marigold Tullivan’s disdain for both of them seems to support this claim.

The elder by a matter of mere minutes is Eldridge. With his charming personality, tall frame and dark, exceptionally handsome features, he is much loved by the public and is fawned over by women of high and low birth alike. It is to him that the title of Lord Master will eventually fall to and with it, he is arranged to be wed to Serephanie Tullivan,

Pyore is blond haired, noticeably shorter than his brother and unremarkable in appearance. Despite being a twin, the contrast to his much adored brother has left Pyore with a sense of inferiority to his brother. The hand of Marigold Tullivan, and the prestigious title of Warden Lord of the West are promised to him.