July 27th, 2018

July 27th, 2018

AFaS shrunk

Earlier this year it was announced that Christopher Walsh had signed with Newfoundland and Labrador’s fastest growing and leading genre publisher, Engen Books. In this deal, Engen gained the publishing rights of not just future material of Christopher Walsh’s, but also his already existing book, the inaugural entry of the Gold & Steel series, As Fierce as Steel.

To coincide with that publishing, Christopher Walsh and Engen Books have re-released As Fierce as Steel with an all new look! As Fierce as Steel has a new look in the form of stunning artwork by the Hamlyn sisters, Christina and Kim, giving readers a better visualization of one of the series’ central protagonists, Lady Orangecloak. New copies are being printed and shipped in both paperback and hardcover formats, with the eBook version soon to be released exclusively by Engen Books. But wait! Not only has the cover been updated, we’ve added something that Gold & Steel fans have been demanding since day one: the map of the Known World of Gold & Steel!

Brought to life by Sarah O’Rourke-Whelan, the Known World maps are now featured just inside the cover of all new copies of Gold & Steel and in all three formats.

To get your hands on the second edition of As Fierce as Steel, you can find the paperback version online at all the regular shopping sites. There will be a hardcover version, but it will not be sold online. Hardcover versions of As Fierce as Steel will be through in person appearances, in select brick-and-mortar stores and through this order form: As Fierce as Steel – Second Edition – Order Form

While prices may vary from site to site, we are proud to offer a firm price through our site of $20 for paperback and $30 for hardcover. For eBook prices, stay tuned to Engen Books’ social media platforms for details.

Be sure to get your copy today!


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