March 10th, 2020: TWoG cover sneak peek

A Sneak Peek at the cover of The Worth of Gold

March 10th, 2020

Gold & Steel fans, the your patience as The Worth of Gold has come together over the past four years has been nothing short of admirable. As we get closer to having a release date in hand, we want to share a little something that the newest member of the Gold & Steel team has been working on (who you can find over at atrtink covers)

It’s a sneak peek at the cover of The Worth of Gold!


As you can see, our new cover artist has been making wonderful progress, and we simply cannot wait to show you the finished cover, it is simply breathtaking. A big thank you goes out to atrtink covers for her outstanding work in bringing the world of Gold & Steel to life.

Make sure to keep checking back to this page for updates on The Worth of Gold, including a release date, the rest of the book cover, and more!

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