NGX, Reviewers Call, Stealing Back Freedom excerpt.

July 3rd, 2016

All the way back in April, when As Fierce as Steel debuted, another piece of Gold & Steel lore was made available: the prequel short story titled Stealing Back Freedom, which appeared in Engen Book‘s tenth Sci-Fi From the Rock compendium. An excerpt of that story and the links to where you can buy that book are now available under the excerpts section of the page (or by clicking HERE for the direct link)

May 28th, 2016

Have you read Gold & Steel’s first book, As Fierce as Steel?

Are you a writer? (Author, blogger, journalist, website contributor)

If you said yes to both of those, then this is your call:

Those of you with a hardcover edition of As Fierce as Steel might have noticed that the back cover of the book is blank and that is for good reason: We want your review there!

Submit your review to us directly by email at or on our Goodreads page:…/show/29012243-as-fierce-as-steel

It could appear on the main website (under the reviews section) and a blurb of it might be used for the back cover of the next printing of the hardcover, which will be on sale at the Newfoundland Gaming Convention on July 22nd!

May 18th, 2016


The month of May is rolling on and so is Gold & Steel. Today we are happy to announce the next appearance of author Christopher Walsh. To meet Chris and to buy and have him sign your copy of As Fierce as Steel, you will want to be at the Prince Phillip Drive campus of the College of the North Atlantic between the 22nd and 24th of July 2016! Sandbox gaming are going to be there and they’ll be hosting the 3rd annual Newfoundland Gaming Expo will be taking place there and Gold & Steel is proud to be a part of it.

This is a gathering to celebrate all things gaming and gaming related and this is an event for gamers of all ages and genres. Maybe you’re a role play game fan, like Chris, or a retro game collector or an aspiring professional gamer who knows how to kick butt at Super Smash Brothers, either way you will not be disappointed with what you can find at NGX! So come on out, play some games, commiserate with other gamers and have a look at 2016’s new, epic fantasy series: Gold & Steel and the first entry, As Fierce as Steel!

For more information on Sandbox gaming and the Newfoundland Gaming Expo, be sure to head on over to their site: Sandbox Gaming, The Facebook event page for NGX and Sandbox’s own Facebook page.

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