The Worth of Gold

Volume II of The Gold & Steel Saga, originally released in August of 2020.

The Worth of Gold book cover.

The Blurb from the back:

You saw the fall and return of Orangecloak

Now hear the stories of Marigold and Serephanie Tullivan.

The first entry in The Gold & Steel Saga, As Fierce as Steel, took you on the personal journeys of Orangecloak, Ellarie Dollen, Tryst Reine,and only briefly, Marigold Tullivan. In The Worth of Gold, readers will return to Marigold’s story and follow her as she stakes her claim in the political landscape of Illiastra. Plots are weaved, secrets will be spilled, and battles shall be waged as Marigold fights for an Illiastra for all.  

Marigold is not the only one with a new story to tell, though, as we also meet Serephanie, the lost Tullivan daughter. She and her lover, Darrion, have been hiding in Hercalest in the shadow of Palomb Palace. A fighting league has set up camp in a field nearby, and Darrion wants nothing more than to test his mettle against their biggest and strongest. As Darrion goes toe to toe in the ring, Serephanie is drawn into a secret society, where she must put her wits to the test and decide which path in life she will walk.

The Worth of Gold returns readers to familiar settings while giving them a new vantage point on the events that happened in the background of As Fierce as Steel. During the course of events, the readers will come to know new heroes who are shaping Illiastra’s destiny in their own way.

Are you ready to continue the saga of Gold & Steel?

Book Information

Title: The Worth of Gold
Type: Installment of Epic-Length fantasy series.
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy, Grimdark Fantasy
Published editions: One (2020)
Formats: Paperback, Hardcover, eBook
Length: 807 pages/327k words
Point-of-View characters: Six
Age range: Adult oriented. May be acceptable for ages 15+.
Content warnings: Blade, firearm, bow, and hand-to-hand violence; occasional foul language.

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