New covers for As Fierce as Steel!

As Fierce as Steel with the new cover by TWoG artist Rebecca of is now available from the Gold & Steel store in paperback!

You can get yours for just $20. Pair it with The Worth of Gold in either paperback ($25) or the limited remaining stock of hardcovers ($35) and get yourself a free t-shirt, or half off a hoodie (which normally goes for $40)

For more info on both clothing items, please refer to our Merch page.


Instead of a clothing item, we can throw in a free, old stock copy of either Legends & Tales Vol. I or As Fierce as Steel! The perfect way to get a gift for a friend that you think might like The Gold & Steel Saga!

To take advantage of these deals and get yourself some awesome books and merch, email us at: thegoldandsteelsaga”at” (replace the “at” with the @ symbol)

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