Lady Yasumi reviews As Fierce as Steel

YouTube blogger Lady Yasumi has pulled double duty in reviewing As Fierce as Steel, writing a review on Goodreads (source) and a video review. Both can be found right here, but be sure to check out her YouTube page for more videos and other upcoming reviews.

A most joyous read. Mostly following, though not limited to, Lady Orangecloak and her close-knit team of thieves who dream of freedom and equality for everyone in a nation known as Illiastra.

Beautifully written, this book is molded together with vivid images of an astounding fantasy world that are well built with diverse people of both race and sex. It’s clear that this intricate world was carefully planned out through its political point of views and many little details that build its complex and large range of characters.

I found myself attached to several characters right from the get-go as I found them extremely realistic and well crafted.

My only problem came with the amount of information revolving around the political and religious factions. This problem is something of my own personal downfall, as much of those things go over my head and I find it hard to seize the information and retain it in large quantities.

Putting that aside the characters helped me move forth and I’m looking forward to the next installment. Christopher Walsh delivered a well executed story and the future of his books looks promising.

I wouldn’t miss the next one for anything.

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