New covers for As Fierce as Steel!

As Fierce as Steel with the new cover by TWoG artist Rebecca of is now available from the Gold & Steel store in paperback! You can get yours for just $20. Pair it with The Worth of Gold in either paperback ($25) or the limited remaining stock of hardcovers ($35) and get yourself a... Continue Reading →

Relaunching the website

August 30th, 2020 Welcome to the new and overhauled page for The Gold & Steel Saga! As you can see, there was total a renovation job on the place, and it might not even look like the Gold & Steel page you once knew. Rest assured, all the usual features are still around, but we... Continue Reading →

Hardcovers are here!

The Worth of Gold hardcover copies have arrived at Gold & Steel HQ! Have a look at these: Available only from The Gold & Steel Saga directly, you can email us at to get yours today for only $35 CDN plus shipping! There's limited copies left after pre-orders are filled, so act now while... Continue Reading →

Lady Yasumi reviews As Fierce as Steel

YouTube blogger Lady Yasumi has pulled double duty in reviewing As Fierce as Steel, writing a review on Goodreads (source) and a video review. Both can be found right here, but be sure to check out her YouTube page for more videos and other upcoming reviews. A most joyous read. Mostly following, though not limited... Continue Reading →

Chris Walsh is now blogging!

That's right. Chris Walsh, one half of the writing team at Gold & Steel has now opened up his own blog which you can read for yourself over at Chris is going to be updating it sporadically, so keep checking back from time to time. To start things off, Chris talks about the upcoming... Continue Reading →

Jonathan Mallard’s review

I hate political dramas and have little interest in medieval type fantasy, but I cannot deny the gripping dialogue and subtle foreshadowing in The Gold and Steel Saga : As Fierce As Steel. It has just enough going on to keep you interested, but does not treat you like a child with a host of... Continue Reading →

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